Pet Liability Insurance For Renters: How To Get It

Pet Liability Insurance For Renters
Pet Liability Insurance For Renters

There has never been a more pressing need for information on pet liability insurance, with 34 percent of Americans renting their homes, with that number rapidly rising, and over 70 percent of these renters owning pets. In its broadest definition, Pet liability insurance guards the owner against costs resulting from harm done to a third party’s property (someone who is not a member of your family) or injuries to a third party brought on by your animal. Also, pet liability insurance is a must if you own a pet. We will examine the cost of renters pet liability insurance, Geico, Progressive, USAA, and renters’ best pet liability insurance.

Do Renters Insurance Policies Cover Pet Liability?

A sort of pet liability is usually included in renters insurance coverage. If you have a pet, renters insurance is an easy method to reduce your legal exposure if your animal ever injures someone or damages their property.

If you are a tenant, whether or not you have a pet, we strongly advise you to look for a personal renters insurance policy because the liability coverage will cover several occurrences for which you may be held liable.

How Does Pet Insurance for Renters Cover You?

Three different financial protections are often offered by renters insurance.

  • Personal property refers to the items you keep in your house and personally own.
  • Liability: You and your family are protected against liability lawsuits by this.
  • Additional living costs: If your house or apartment is uninhabitable, this will pay the costs of temporarily relocating elsewhere to live.

You will typically be covered under the liability protection of your renters insurance policy if your pet causes harm to someone or their property, whether inside or outside your home. Up to the limits of your policy, liability coverage offers you financial protection against any incident-related expenses.

Here are two examples of pet-related damage or injury, along with the results of their liability insurance.

Injury liability: 

When a visitor stays at your home, your cat gives them a nasty scratch that sends them to the hospital. Your visitor submits a claim with your insurance provider to cover the hospital fee. Your neighbor can launch a lawsuit if they believe the settlement to be unacceptable if you are determined to be at fault, but your insurance company will try to settle with them first. Furthermore, your liability insurance policy will cover all costs related to the matter resolved amicably or in court.

Property damage liability: 

While chasing your cat, your dog damages your neighbor’s pricey screen door. Your neighbor claims with your insurance carrier to get compensation for the damage. Although this is more about personal property than bodily harm, the same insurance procedure will take place, and if you are found to be at fault, your insurance company will pay the expenses.

Renters Insurance Pet Liability Coverage Limits

Your liability claims for qualifying occurrences will only be covered to a certain extent by your renters insurance provider. Although normal renters insurance liability coverage goes up to $100,000 in expenditures related to legal bills or damages, you can often choose the liability coverage maximum. You will be responsible for covering your liabilities and expenses if the limit is exceeded.

Furthermore, we advise that you carefully weigh your risk tolerance, the possibility that damages would occur, the probable severity, and the level of your renters liability insurance. For instance, the chances of responsibility are probably far smaller if your pet is a fish rather than an exotic animal or a large dog with a history of aggression. Although coverage of up to $100,000 may seem excessive—it would easily cover cat scratches or a broken screen door—it could not be enough in extreme circumstances.

Pet Liability Insurance For Renters GEICO

Thank you for the new puppy! Unfortunately, pet damage to your property is not covered by GEICO renters insurance. However, if your pet hurts someone by biting them, your renters insurance liability coverage can assist you in paying the resulting legal costs.

Therefore, your renters insurance will shield you against claims made by visitors to your apartment who are hurt by your pet or whose property is destroyed due to them.

However, renter’s insurance doesn’t cover harm your pet causes to your property. You’ll be forced to pay out-of-pocket replacement charges if your puppy poop on your new rug.

Remember that GEICO acts as an insurance broker for house and renters insurance; therefore, the company that underwrites your actual policy will be different.

Geico Renters Insurance Coverage

For renters nationwide, Geico offers named-peril coverage. Only the occurrences mentioned in the contract are covered with a named-peril policy. These things happen, like:

  • Lightning or fire
  • Windstorm
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism or intentional harm
  • Theft
  • accidental water leaking
  • other frequent types of loss

Pet Liability Insurance For Renters Cost

Renters’ pet liability insurance premiums vary depending on the pet/dog breed and the animal’s past. A policy typically costs between $100 and $1,000 per year. Although some insurance only costs $10 a month and offers coverages between $10,000 and $30,000, do your research because these figures may need to change depending on your pet and their medical history.

Having the appropriate coverage plan to safeguard you and your pet is crucial. The average cost of a dog bite claim in 2018 was $39,000, and dog bite-related liability claims in that same year reached $675 million. While carrying $30,000 in pet liability insurance may seem excessive, remember that it is not. Sometimes it’s best to be ready for the worst, so if the additional coverage provides you peace of mind, it’s worth the money.

Pet Liability Insurance For Renters Progressive

Pet damage may be covered by your Progressive renters insurance as a liability expense. If your pet hurts someone else or damages their property, this could help safeguard your finances. However, Progressive renters insurance does not cover damage to your personal belongings brought on by your pet. Sometimes, you could use your security deposit to pay for repairs performed by your landlord.

How does Progressive Renters Insurance cover Pet Liability?

A renters insurance policy could assist in shielding you from the responsibility you assume as the pet’s owner if you share a rental house with your dog, cat, or other animals. Also, most renters insurance providers cover your dogs as part of the liability portion of your policy. Make sure to look over your policy to determine whether that applies. Typically, personal liability insurance consists of the following parts:

Bodily injury liability:

If you are held responsible for injuries caused by anyone living in your home, including your furry family members, this section of your renters insurance policy might shield you.

Property damage liability:

This insurance may pay out if your pet causes harm to someone else’s personal property. Imagine your dog enters the neighbor’s yard and destroys the expertly tended flowerbeds. Also, you can be compensated for the expense of hiring a gardener to replant the flower beds if the damages fall within the scope of your insurance policy.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Pet or dog bites are typically covered by renters insurance as part of the bodily injury liability coverage, up to the policy’s limits. However, each policy will have unique guidelines, some of which may limit particular dog breeds. Furthermore, it is best to review your policy to determine whether there are any exclusions depending on the breed of dog you own and whether you can purchase additional coverage. You might be astonished to see more breeds than just Pit Bulls on the list, even though not all breeds might be prohibited.

Pet Liability Insurance For Renters USAA

Unfortunately, the expense of replacing the carpet is not covered by your USAA renters coverage. Under the terms of house and renters insurance plans, pet damage is not considered a common danger.

However, if your Pomeranian had bitten a neighbor, your USAA renters policy’s liability or medical insurance would probably have provided insurance. (Of course, your Pom-Pom wouldn’t ever bite someone!)

Like many other pet owners, you’ll have to take responsibility for your Pomeranian’s harm. She is worth it, though, isn’t she?

Three primary coverage areas are included in USAA renters insurance:

Personal Property Coverage

This policy section covers the property you possess in the house or apartment you rent. When you get replacement cost coverage from USAA, they will pay for the cost of new replacements for any things damaged by one of the covered occurrences.

Liability Insurance

Your insurance will cover the cost to fix or replace your neighbor’s belongings or cover their medical expenses if you are to blame for damaging their property or causing them harm.

Protection for Other People’s Medical Expenses

Your policy can pay the medical expenses if a visitor gets hurt while staying at your house and visits a doctor.

Best Pet Liability Insurance For Renters

The most economical providers with top-notch customer service offer the best pet liability insurance for renters coverage. According to MoneyGeek’s analysis, State Farm comes first among providers of the best pet liability insurance for renters, with Allstate right behind them.

You might be able to get lower rates from local or regional insurance firms because MoneyGeek’s technique concentrates on generally accessible insurers. Additionally, USAA, solely open to serving retired military personnel and their families, received high marks across the board.

Always compare tailored renters insurance quotes from at least three different insurance providers while shopping around.

#1. State Farm

The firm offering renters the best pet liability insurance offers excellent service at a reasonable cost. However, it must also be a business that most renters may purchase from. Our top choice is State Farm because of its mix of affordability, customer satisfaction, and accessibility across the nation.

#2. Allstate

The average cost of Allstate’s renters insurance is the lowest in the nation. It doesn’t sacrifice service quality to offer you a reasonable fee.

#3. Farmers

Farmers has some of the best customer service scores in the business and offers renters insurance that is reasonably priced.

#4. Lemonade

The country as a whole is seeing a rapid increase in lemonade availability. Also, no other insurer makes it simpler to promptly obtain a renters insurance policy.

#5. American Family

American Family, usually known as AmFam, is local insurance that doesn’t operate nationwide. But they provide the best experience if you want to shop over the phone and speak with a customer service agent.

#6. Nationwide

Although Nationwide may charge more for your initial renters insurance quotation, you should check to see how much less you will pay once you take advantage of its discounts.

#7. USAA

USAA would rank as the best renters insurance in the nation if it weren’t limited to military personnel and their families.


Consider purchasing an umbrella policy if you believe your pet liability for renters coverage limitations is inadequate. To augment your present liability claim limits, umbrella insurance is a supplement to your renters insurance. Even if you want high limits, umbrella policies are frequently inexpensive. Just be sure that the umbrella policy you’re considering does not also disallow coverage for pet damages.

Umbrella policies and dog liability insurance frequently provide comparable protection. Furthermore, your needs will determine the one you select. Have dog liability insurance if you can’t get your pet protected under a renters insurance policy. Furthermore, if the coverage for pet damage under your renters insurance is limited, you should choose an appropriate umbrella policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is renters insurance the same as pet insurance?

Your pet’s liability fees are covered by your renters insurance. Renters insurance does not cover harm caused by your pet to you or your possessions. Also, your pet’s medical expenses are covered by pet insurance, not renters insurance.

Does renters insurance cover pet death?

You’ll be relieved to learn that pets are not considered personal property if you believe the term is inappropriately used to describe them. This means that damage caused by a risk that is otherwise covered is not covered by renters insurance. Of course, it’s sad when a pet dies.

Why are some pets excluded from renters insurance?

Pets and dog breeds are not covered by renters insurance

Insurance providers may not cover certain dog breeds because they are reputed to be aggressive. Furthermore, others refuse to pay for canines that weigh more than a particular amount.

Does renters insurance cover cat pee?

Pet damage is typically not covered by renters insurance.

Personal property damage is only covered by renters insurance for “covered risks” like fire or theft. Pet-related harm is not regarded as a covered danger.

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