Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets: Quotes and Discounts

Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets
Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets

Two, three, or four pets are the only number better than one. Your life will be filled to the brim with love, joy, and priceless companionship thanks to all those animal friends—and vet costs. You know that even ordinary care can deplete your finances if you own several animals. We’ve examined a few businesses that provide pet insurance for many pets to assist you in managing high veterinary expenses and taking care of all your furry family members. You’ll be able to budget for monthly costs and receive coverage in the event of numerous emergency vet visits with the correct pet insurance plan. In this article, we will cover the best, cheapest, and most affordable pet insurance for households with many pets.

How Does Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets Work?

You will have one policy for all your qualifying pets when you get pet insurance for multiple pets, or you will have individual policies for each. Even though your pets are covered under the same policy; you may choose a different yearly deductible and reimbursement sum for each. The procedure for submitting a claim is the same whether there are one or more pets. You’ll pay the vet fee upfront for your pet and then file a claim with the insurance provider for reimbursement. All you have to do is specify which pet the claim was made for.

Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets

We selected the best, least expensive, and most affordable pet insurance plans based on coverage, cost, and potential discounts for numerous pets.

But keep in mind that not everything is about the price. If you want to see our recommendations for the best, most inexpensive, and most comprehensive pet insurance for multiple pets based on coverage; cost, reputation for customer care and support, ability to customize plans, and claims processing, read on.

#1. Embrace

Our top choice for the best pet insurance for two dogs or cats is Embrace; which provides one of the cheapest and most affordable multi-pet discounts at a maximum of 10%. Although Embrace provides the best coverage with this substantial discount, other pet insurance providers may offer multi-pet discounts.

Even with Embrace’s multi-pet discount, the cost can still exceed that of competing pet insurance providers. As always, we advise getting quotes from several businesses so you can carefully consider your options. While Embrace offers outstanding coverage, our other top selections also do, and you could find them more affordable.

#2. Healthy Paws

We suggest Healthy Paws if you seek affordable pet insurance that provides unlimited annual, per-incident, and lifetime coverage. Even while its policies can be more expensive for older animals, we discovered that they consistently have lower premiums than the unlimited coverage plans offered by other suppliers. However, because it doesn’t provide that option, it might not be the best choice for pet owners searching for coverage for preventive care.

#3. Pets Best

Pets Best frequently offers the best pet insurance coverage for a fair price. Multiple pets are eligible for a 5% discount, which could help you cut costs even further.

#4. Figo

Figo offers some of the most affordable pet insurance for those who own several pets. Many consumers can purchase comparable coverage from Figo at a competitive price in addition to its 5% discount for multiple dogs. This combination may result in the cheapest possible pet insurance for several dogs. Additionally, it’s one of the few businesses to provide a 100% reimbursement option. According to our analysis, Figo can be difficult to surpass in terms of price while providing comprehensive coverage for your dogs.

#5. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance 

Like our top option, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers a 10% multi-pet discount. Why then did it not rank among our top choices? ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has more exclusions and lengthier waiting periods than its rivals.

The Crum & Forester Pet Insurance Group, which has been in the business for more than 25 years, provides ASPCA Pet Health Insurance services and offers affordable, adaptable insurance. The ASPCA is a great option for novice and experienced pet owners because it provides accident-only and accident-and-illness coverage with five options for coverage limits and three options for reimbursement rate and deductible.

#6. Lemonade

Lemonade consistently gave the most affordable policies for numerous pets among all the pet insurance options we examined. For its performance in customizing possibilities, customer service, and covered treatments, the supplier received the top rating in our evaluation. By combining their Lemonade policy with one of the insurer’s homeowners insurance or renters insurance policies, pet owners can save 10% on their Lemonade coverage.

Due to its present exclusion of coverage in Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming, Lemonade may not be the best option for pet parents residing in those areas.

#7. Spot

The site offers the most flexible plans of the firms we researched and is an affordable pet insurance provider for several pets. You can customize your premium to match your precise budget based on the coverage requirements for your pet family with options for accident-only or accident and illness coverage, as well as seven various yearly coverage levels ranging from $2,500 to infinite.

#8. Nationwide

Up to three pets are discounted by Nationwide by 5%, while four or more pets are discounted by 10%. Unfortunately, it’s not difficult to locate consumer complaints regarding Nationwide’s pet insurance policy, which is one of the reasons it isn’t one of our top selections.

Nationwide also has age restrictions, annual limits for certain policies per condition, and fewer alternatives for customizing insurance to match your budget.

#9. Fetch by The Dodo

Fetch by The Dodo stands out for its coverage of complementary therapies, including acupuncture and chiropractic care. The business’ regular insurance plan also includes veterinary care for behavioural problems, including separation anxiety and hyperactivity. Members of AARP, current and former military, and pet owners who adopted their animal from a shelter or rescue organization can receive discounts from Fetch, ranging from 5% to 10% off.

Which Cheap Pet Insurance is Best For You?

We suggest these top selections for pet insurance for pet owners on a tight budget hoping to pay less on their monthly premiums. Although Lemonade regularly has lower prices than many of its rivals, not all states have access to it.

We advise requesting quotes from additional affordable pet insurance providers, such as ASPCA or Embrace if Lemonade doesn’t cover your region or you want to compare costs across a few providers.

Compare Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets

You can begin comparing multi-pet insurance plans by completing our pet insurance quote form for your first pet. Then you will be asked to include any extra pets in your quote from each business. Using our quote form, you can compare policies from various reputable pet insurance providers.

Can You Have Two Pet Insurance Policies For One Pet?

You can have several pet insurance policies for the same animal, yes. However, the specifics of how this operates vary according to the two businesses you buy plans from. For instance, some businesses might divide the expenses 50/50. Others might have the first insurance provider pay first, and then the secondary insurer might ask the primary insurer for an explanation of benefits before processing any claims.

As a result, we cannot explain how multi-pet dog insurance operates to you in detail. Instead, before you buy a policy, we advise you to examine the terms of each contract and consult with representatives from each firm. Before signing up, talk about which firm would be regarded as the major insurance and which would be regarded as the secondary, and get their responses in writing.

How to Find the Best Pet Insurance for Your Multiple Pets

You can generate sample pet insurance quotes from a few providers to find the best multi-pet insurance. You can see costs and available plan options thanks to this. Furthermore, you might discover that one carrier provides a level of customization that lowers your premiums without reducing the length of your coverage.

The Qualities of a Good Policy

When comparing policies, look for companies that offer the most comprehensive coverage for your pet’s requirements.

Find a provider with no age restrictions and highly adjustable rates, for instance, if you have a kitten and an elderly cat. For the first year of your young friend’s life, as well as the rehabilitation of your long-time friend, you could also need a wellness package add-on and physical therapy coverage.

Watch out for businesses that provide discounts as well. We are aware that many reputable companies offer discounted pet insurance for households with several pets. Still, many also offer discounts for service animals, rescued animals, and armed forces members.

Red Flags to Avoid 

When obtaining multiple pet insurance, avoid choosing preset plan selections. It would be best if you took advantage of the customizability that most pet insurance providers offer to cater to the unique demands of each of your pets. It would be best if you chose personalized rates that maximize your pet’s coverage based on your pet’s breed, age, and medical history.


No matter how expensive the cost is, it would help if you never had to pick between your money and your pet’s wellness. With the help of pet insurance, you can provide your animals with more than the bare minimum in veterinarian treatment.

To help you be the multitasking, ball-throwing, rockstar pet parent you are, we hope this post will assist you in finding the best, cheapest, and most affordable pet insurance for multiple pets. Regardless of the plans, you pick, you can relax knowing that every one of your pets is protected from wagging tail to moist nose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pet insurance cheaper with multiple pets?

If you have numerous pets covered by a pet insurance policy or multiple pets insured through an insurer, most of them will give you a multi-pet discount. Every extra pet sometimes results in the same discount, and every additional pet other times results in a bigger discount.

Does pet insurance cover more than one animal?

Did you realize you could purchase pet insurance for many animals? It doesn’t matter if it’s a mix of cats, dogs, or both. Many pet insurance providers provide discounts and plans for households with multiple pets.

Can you get multi dog insurance?

Multiple pets can be insured under a single policy with multi-pet insurance. The cost of having different policies for each pet may not always be less expensive than combining many pets into one policy. However, you will typically receive a discount for doing so.

How much does pumpkin pet insurance cost?

What is the price of a pumpkin? Pumpkin Pet Insurance monthly fees begin at less than $30. The price changes depending on your animal’s age. Insuring your pet when they are young can ultimately save you money because older pets typically cost more to cover than younger ones.

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