How Far Can Dogs Hear: All You Need To Know

How Far Can Dogs Hear

Dogs can hear about 4-5 times better than humans, which means they can pick up a sound from a mile away. Have you ever noticed how a dog can become terrified for seemingly no reason? It’s because of their exceptional healing abilities. Dogs, like humans, have five primary senses: smell, hearing, sight, touch, and taste, though they rely more on their senses of smell and hearing. This article will teach you how far a dog can hear thunder from, how dogs hear, and what they hear when we talk.

Dogs’ hearing is 100 times better than ours, in addition to having powerful noses. Dogs can hear five times farther than humans, which means they can hear thunder or fireworks before you do.

Furthermore, dogs’ superior senses of smell and hearing allow them to experience a different world. On a clear day with ideal conditions, dogs can hear thunder as far as 40 miles away.

How Far Can Dogs Hear Thunder?

There is no definitive answer to how far dogs can hear thunder. Sound is measured in Hertz and decibels rather than distance. Furthermore, a thunderstorm can be detected by more than just sound. A dog may detect a thunderstorm by smelling barometric pressure or even static electricity. A dog, on the other hand, may be able to detect a storm 15 to 20 minutes before it arrives due to its keen hearing.

The static electricity produced by the barometric pressure can be felt across the dog’s coat. This could be making your dog nervous as a thunderstorm approaches. Dogs can smell up to 20 times better than humans, in addition to hearing. A dog can smell the rain from miles away when a thunderstorm is approaching.

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With all of these strange smells, sounds, and feelings, it’s no surprise that a dog dislikes thunderstorms. Keep an eye out for signs of stress, particularly if a thunderstorm is in the forecast. Pacing, howling, trembling, and panting are all signs of a nervous dog.

If your dog dislikes thunderstorms, find a safe place for them to hide and wrap them up. You can even play soothing music in their safe space to drown out the thunder. Thunderstorms are frightening to many people, so imagine how much worse it is for a dog. Every thunder that jolts us is amplified by our dogs’ sensitive ears.

How Far Can Dogs Hear?

Because there are so many other variables, determining how far dogs can hear is difficult. According to popular belief, a dog can hear sounds from up to a mile away. This is amazing, especially when compared to human hearing.

This is due to their complicated ears. A glance will reveal that a dog’s ear differs greatly from ours. Dogs have 18 muscles in their pinna, or outer ear, that function to capture sound. These muscles allow the dog to move the ear, which allows them to detect these distant noises. All of those muscles work together to hear the sound and locate it.

Because a dog’s ear is so complicated, it must be kept in good condition. It is our responsibility as dog owners to keep the ears clean.

What Sound Frequencies Can Dogs Hear?

The ability of a dog to hear things from a long distance is not the only thing that makes their hearing abilities impressive. Dogs can also hear a wide range of frequencies, including tones that most humans cannot. Each sound is made up of an invisible wavelength that moves through the air. The closer together the wavelengths are as they travel through the air, the higher the pitch of the sound. The frequency of a sound wave is the term used to describe its closeness.

Dogs can hear sounds with a high frequency and have a high-pitched tone, such as thunder. Sounds with a low sound frequency, on the other hand, have more space between each wavelength and thus have a lower frequency tone. These would be classified as deep or bass-heavy sounds. Each frequency of sound is measured in Hertz (Hz), with lower measurements corresponding to lower tones. Humans and dogs can both hear low frequencies.

Humans and dogs can both hear sounds as low as 20Hz. This is roughly an octave below the lowest note on a bass guitar. The distinction becomes apparent when higher frequencies are considered. Humans can hear sound frequencies up to 20,000 Hz, while dogs can hear frequencies ranging from 70,000 to 100,000 Hz! These are referred to as ultrasonic sounds.

How Do Dogs Hear?

Human voices have a frequency range of 350 to 3,000 hertz. While most dogs will hear a person speaking when they are close to them, they may struggle to hear certain voices at a greater distance. You may be wondering how this is possible given that dogs have excellent hearing even at great distances. This is because dogs have an easier time hearing high-pitched voices than low-pitched ones. This means that a dog would be more likely to hear a woman calling them from a distance than a man because their voices are deeper.

While dogs can understand specific commands from their owners, they are far more sensitive to the tone of voice than individual words. Dogs are so good at distinguishing sounds that they can tell if you are happy or sad just by the pitch of your words as you say them.

Can my dog recognize my voice?

Yes, studies have shown that dogs can recognize our voices. Dogs’ ears are extremely sensitive to tone and pitch, allowing them to distinguish between different voices. This isn’t surprising, but, surprisingly, they can recall the voices.

A dog can detect the tones in your voice and use them to understand our conversations with them. They can tell which voice you use when you’re happy and which when you’re sad. So there is some science behind that doggy voice that many of us use to express our love for our pets.

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Similarly, a dog will recognize bad behavior based on the tone with which you discipline them.

So, how far away can your dog hear you speak? Up to 80 feet is possible. And even over long distances. They can hear you on the other end of the phone! If you’ve been away for a while and decide to FaceTime with your dog, they will be able to hear you and recognize you.

What Do Dogs hear When We Talk?

Do you ever wonder if your precious dogs understand or hear when you talk? According to recent research, younger puppies respond positively to dog-directed speech, and it may even help them learn words. Continue reading to learn how dogs hear when you talk.


For many years, the science of human-pet relationships has remained a mystery. However, recent research suggests that adult women have similar brain activation when looking at pictures of their dogs and children. Pet parents and mothers share similar patterns of social cognition, emotion, and affiliation.

It’s no surprise that more than 80% of pet owners consider themselves “pet parents.” As a result, when speaking to dogs, people are more likely to mimic an infant-directed speech pattern. A higher pitch and a slower tempo are examples of this. This type of speech is appealing to infants and children because it keeps their attention and promotes language learning. Science now suggests that younger dogs and puppies may have a similar reaction.

Doggy research

According to her animal behaviorist, people treat their dogs as if they were human infants, and “part of their success in human environments” is to maintain mutual understanding and empathy. As a result, when communicating with your pet, the acoustics of speech is important. Bioacousticians at the University of Lyon in Saint Etienne have gone a step further and begun studying how dogs hear when humans talk.


The researchers videotaped 30 women reciting a script, first in front of a photograph of a puppy and then in front of a person. When they compared the data, they discovered that, unsurprisingly, the women spoke in high-pitched tones when looking at the picture of the dog, but not when looking at the picture of the person.

After replaying the recordings, 9 of the 10 puppies barked and ran around in response to the speaker. According to scientists, this type of dog-directed speech corresponds to “an invitation to play.”

An old dog cannot be taught new tricks.

However, scientists discovered that older dogs were less interested in the women’s cooing sounds and were not as responsive as younger pets. This could be because older dogs respond better to familiar voices, an actual person rather than a recording, or simply because they aren’t interested in playing.

More research is needed to determine whether dogs have an innate response to the specific dog-directed speech, but the jury is out on whether dogs respond proactively to high-pitched invitations to play. As if we needed another reason to spend time with our dogs!

Why do dogs hear so well?

A domesticated dog’s super-hearing may not appear to be of much use unless you enjoy being warned about the postman well before he approaches your house. It was a completely different story in the wild.

Because of their incredible hearing, dogs make excellent predators because they can detect their prey. It also enables them to communicate with the pack from afar. Hearing thunderstorms can also be beneficial. Wild wolves have been observed seeking shelter from an impending storm long before it arrives.

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This wolf ancestry also explains why your tone can be recognized by a dog. The alpha wolf will use yips and whines to communicate with the pack. The pack wolves will recognize the intent. Over time, humans learned to use this to give orders to domesticated dogs. We now use it to show our dogs how much we care for them!


Hearing is a dog’s second most important and dependable sense, after smell. The hearing of a dog differs from that of a human because they can detect sounds that our ears cannot. A dog’s hearing is more sensitive and versatile than yours, even with floppy ears.

Most people adopt dogs with exceptional hearing as service dogs or for their protection. Dogs can increase security in your home because they detect unusual sounds. If you can hear something, your dogs will have heard it from a distance away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far away can a dog hear a sound?

Because a dog’s hearing ability is four to five times greater than that of a human, the average dog can hear sounds from 80 feet to a mile away.

Can dogs smell owners from 11 miles away

They have a better chance of picking up smells if more air passes through their nose. Many factors influence how far dogs can smell, including the wind and the type of scent. They have been reported to smell objects or people up to 20 kilometers away under ideal conditions.

Do dogs forget their owners?

According to experts, it only takes your dog 70 seconds to forget what just happened. While their short-term memory could use some work, their long-term memory is, to say the least, impressive. Even after a long absence, dogs recognize and remember their owners.

Why do dogs sit in your spot when you get up?

Sitting in your chosen spot when you get up demonstrates your dog’s affection for you, but the chosen spot returns to the master with no unwanted behavior. Your dog may feel the need to protect you as well, and sitting in your spot gives him an advantage over the other animals in the house.

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