Best Pet Insurance Providers That Pays Vet Directly: Top 5 Options

Best Pet Insurance Providers That Pays Vet Directly
Best Pet Insurance Providers That Pays Vet Directly

If your pet requires pricey treatment, pet insurance may be able to save you a lot of money. However, most pet insurance providers demand that you pay the fees to the vet in advance before being reimbursed. The best pet health insurance providers in the USA that pays your vet directly are listed below, along with an answer to the query; Does lemonade pet insurance pay the vet directly?

Paying the vet visit out of pocket while you wait to be reimbursed can be difficult if you don’t have the cash to pay for your pet’s care in full. Fortunately, several of the best pet insurance providers pays your vet directly in the USA. Different insurance companies have different processes; some offer an easy, streamlined system, while others require you to put in a little more effort.

How Does Vet Direct Pay Work?

For you and your pet, vet direct pay may save your life. It removes the stress of having to spend all your savings, use up all your credit cards, or be unable to afford the necessary veterinary care for your pet.

Unlike other pet insurance providers, the best one in the USA pays the vet directly. Others are quicker, more practical, and simpler than others. In the following reviews, we’ll emphasize how each business handles money made directly to vets.

Does every vet accept pet insurance? Specific or all pet insurance providers may not accept direct payments from certain veterinarians or may not have received approval yet. So it’s best to consult your vet before buying a policy. Alternatively, if you need direct payment, you might need to change your veterinarian to one who accepts your insurance.

Best Pet Insurance That Pays Vet Directly

It is incredibly helpful to count on your best pet insurance provider that pays the vet directly in the USA, especially if you don’t have a steady source of income to cover unforeseen medical expenses. Selecting the best pet insurance providers that pays the vet directly is essential if you’re worried about having enough money to cover those veterinary expenses upfront.

For this process to pay your vet directly, some businesses only need a small amount of additional paperwork, whereas others may have a more complicated system that requires you to set it up. Which best pet insurance providers in the USA pays the vet directly is crucial in either case.

Based on the simplicity of the procedure, business reputation, customer service, insurance coverage, and other factors, we’ve ranked the best pet insurance providers that offer paying vet directly in USA options.

#1. Trupanion

The industry’s best Trupanion’s vet direct pay feature is Trupanion Express. It’s the only vet direct pay option that enables speedy checkout payment. A web-based tool called Trupanion Express handles claims and payments to participating vets in a matter of minutes.

Your vet must, however, take part in the program. If your vet’s practice does not currently offer Trupanion Express, you can discuss setting it up with your vet. Other noteworthy characteristics of Trupanion include extensive coverage, a predetermined 90% reimbursement, and an unlimited annual payout cap.

#2. Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws may be able to pay your vet directly on a claim-by-claim basis, though they don’t promote this feature as much as Trupanion and Pets Best do. When you call Healthy Paws, a claims specialist will work with your vet to speed up access to your pet’s medical information and process your claim if your vet is ready to take direct payment.

Any American vet with a license can choose this option. However, Healthy Paws only accepts direct payments during business hours (Monday-Friday from 7 am to 4 pm PST and Saturday from 8 am- 5 pm PST).

Even if your vet won’t accept direct payment, Healthy Paws has a quick turnaround time for a refund. Their coverage and customer service are among the best in the business, and they handle 99% of claims within two days.

#3. Pets Best

You must submit them a signed copy of their veterinarian reimbursement release form along with your finished claim to use the Pets Best Vet Direct Pay function. Pets Best will send any qualifying reimbursement funds directly to your veterinarian’s office after processing your claim. Once more, your vet must consent to accept direct payments.

Compared to Trupanion and Healthy Paws, Pets Best’s direct pay approach requires a little more work from the customer, but the firm provides some of the best coverage and affordable prices for pet insurance.

One word of warning: Pets Best’s claims processing takes longer than the industry standard if you don’t use their direct pay function.

#4. Companion Protect

To take advantage of vet direct pay with Companion Protect, you must visit one of their in-network veterinarians. The vet will file claims and receive payment directly. If your vet isn’t part of their network, Companion Protect might not be as appealing.

With Companion Protect, you can still use out-of-network vets, but doing so results in a lower reimbursement rate, a higher deductible and co-pay, and no direct payment. Giving extra rewards or even maintaining a list of in-network veterinarians is a very rare pet insurance practice; other firms let you utilize any U.S. licensed vet for claims that can be reimbursed by pet insurance. On the plus side, Companion Protect provides no waiting periods and competitive premiums that don’t rise as your pet gets older.

#5. Petplan

As long as your veterinarian agrees to accept payment in this manner, Petplan will pay them directly. You must submit formal consent from the vet and yourself to set up a direct payment with Petplan. The veterinarian clinic’s letterhead, email address, or written authorization must be used.

After sending this to Petplan, you can file your claim and provide the invoice with the outstanding balance. Any required co-pays or deductibles must be paid by you directly to Petplan, who will then pay the vet. You will receive your reimbursement within 30 days after submitting all necessary paperwork.

There are three major tiers of coverage offered by Petplan: bronze, silver, and gold. Petplan policies do not cover wellness examinations, but your pet must have them to have their Petplan coverage.

 Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Pay Vet Directly

Various pet insurance providers will provide various levels of coverage for your pet’s medical expenses. There are a few different ways to customize your coverage at Lemonade.

If your pet suffers an unanticipated injury or sickness; a basic Lemonade pet health insurance coverage will initially cover your dog or cat for the following:

  • Diagnostics: x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, and lab work
  • Procedures: Hospitalization, surgery, specialty and emergency care, and outpatient
  • Medication: Prescription drugs or injections.

Therefore, you won’t be responsible for high vet expenditures if your pet needs to receive cancer treatments. The same holds for bone fractures, allergies, poisonous foods, and other situations. The fact that this coverage isn’t entirely unlimited is one of the reasons we provide optional add-ons to your policy; such as vet visit fees, physical therapy, dental illness, behavioral conditions, end-of-life, and remembrance, as well as two excellent preventative care packages; to help you extend your coverage and help you create the ideal policy for you and your pet.

Lemonade’s Preventative Care

While a simple accident and illness pet health insurance policy can protect you from future unforeseen circumstances involving your furry family; including preventative treatment in your coverage will help with current costs. By adding our preventative package to a Lemonade policy, which is likely more expensive than the price of our preventative package, you’ll be covered for a pet of services that keep your pet healthy, including your yearly wellness checkup and blood testing, vaccinations, and more.

Additionally covered by this bundle are the vet visits for diseases and accidents. The minimal pet health insurance plan pays the treatment, lab work, and meds; it does not directly cover the vet’s fees.

When Should I Use Vet Pay Direct?

Vet Direct Pay could be able to help if you unexpectedly receive a very large and unexpected vet bill and are unclear about how you’ll pay for it out of pocket at first. When the cost exceeds $1,000, it may also be useful to submit a pre-authorization claim so that you and your veterinarian will be aware of the amounts that will be reimbursed in advance. Call one of our helpful Customer Care specialists for further details about claim pre-authorization.

What If I Need Help With Vet Bills?

Some resources may be able to provide you with pet financial assistance if you don’t have pet insurance and you’ve gotten into financial difficulties.

Various Pet Insurance Options

Check out our pet insurance comparison if you want to compare the top firms to the pet insurance providers featured in this post. It includes numerous comparison tables for price quotes, coverage specifics, waiting periods, and plan adjustments.


When trying to find the best pet insurance, there are still a lot of additional factors to consider; even if you decide you need a company that pays your veterinarian directly. Use our library of information to your advantage while looking for pet insurance to ensure that you make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Direct pay mean for pet insurance?

Pet Insurance That Directly Pays Your Vet

Once your claim has been processed, we immediately send your veterinarian’s office any qualified reimbursement funds. It’s the simplest approach to handling hefty veterinary expenses without going bankrupt! Download a release form for vet direct pay.

Can you get pet insurance after a diagnosis?

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by any pet insurance policies (including congenital conditions if they are already diagnosed). However, it is still possible to insure your pet AND cut the expense of pre-existing disease care.

Do vets deal directly with insurance?

However, not all veterinarians accept direct payments from all pet insurance providers. The majority of pet insurance companies will be able to pay your vet directly. It is, therefore, best to choose a reputable and well-known insurance company rather than the cheapest.

Do vets charge more if you have insurance?

If an animal is insured, a greater range of treatments may become available, such as cutting-edge surgery, enhanced imaging, and novel drug options. Due to the expenses involved, the charge in these situations will undoubtedly be higher than in those (typically uninsured) cases when these options are not available.

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