How Much Does It Cost To Cremate a Cat: All You Need To Know

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate a Cat
How Much Does It Cost To Cremate a Cat

When a pet dies unexpectedly, deciding what to do with the remains can be difficult. Some people prefer to bury their pets in their backyard or a pet cemetery, while others prefer to cremate them. It’s critical to understand the costs associated with various methods and how much you should budget for pet cremation. So, how much does it cost in the UK and Ontario to cremate a cat and keep the ashes? In this post, we’ll find out.

In the UK and Ontario, the average cost to cremate a cat and keep the ashes ranges from around $30 for a small animal’s communal cremation to $250 or more for a large animal’s cremation. Pet cremation costs vary depending on the size of your pet and the cremation method used. You can also pay extra for pick-up services and a personalized urn or keepsake box.

Your veterinarian may recommend a pet cremation service or offer to handle the cremation planning on your behalf. If you prefer to handle the procedure yourself, notify your veterinarian.

Pet Cremation Process

Whatever method you choose, your pet will be placed in a cremation unit that can reach temperatures of over 1,400° Fahrenheit. Depending on the size of your pet, the body will be kept in the unit for 30 minutes to 2 hours or more. The remains are then extracted. Pulverized into small pieces. Depending on the cremation method you select, you may receive the ashes in a container to scatter or keep in an urn.

Types of Pet Cremation Methods

There are three types of pet cremation:

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  • Communal or Comingled
  • Individual or Partitioned
  • Private

Communal Pet Cremation

If you want to keep your animal cremation costs low, communal cremation is usually the most cost-effective option. In the UK and Ontario, the communal cost to cremate a cat and keep the ashes ranges from $30 to $70. This method entails cremating multiple animals at the same time. Because the animals are not separated during this process, the cremains cannot be returned to any individual owner. Instead, the ashes are disposed of at the crematory. Some pet crematoriums scatter the cremains in a nearby field or garden that has been designated for this purpose.

Individual Pet Cremation Cost

Individual or “semi-private” cremation is more expensive than communal cremation, but it still involves cremating multiple pets at the same time. In this case, however, the pets are kept apart, and the cremains is returned to the owner. Individual pet cremation methods vary by pet crematory, as does the cost of individual pet cremation.

While the animal remains are kept separate in individual cremations, there are times when the cremains will be mixed. This is difficult to avoid, but many facilities do everything they can to ensure that each pet’s remains can be identified and returned.

Private Pet Cremation

Private cremation is the most expensive method of pet cremation because only your pet will be in the cremation chamber, and there is little or no risk that the cremains will be mixed. Following the cremation, the ashes are pulverized and returned to the owner. In the UK and Ontario, the average cost to cremate a cat and keep the ashes ranges between $100 and $200.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Cat and Keep the Ashes?

The cost to cremate a cat and keep the ashes in the UK and Ontario is largely determined by the options you choose. There are two primary cremation options: private and communal.

Your cat’s body is cremated alone in a private cremation, and the ashes returned to you are entirely hers. In general, it can cost between $100 and $200 to cremate a cat and keep the ashes in the UK or Ontario.

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Your cat is cremated alongside other deceased pets in a communal cremation. The ashes become mixed, and you usually can’t get any ash back. In general, it can cost between $30 and $70 to cremate a cat and keep the ashes in the UK or Ontario.

Some facilities also provide “individual” cremations, in which multiple pets are cremated at the same time but on separate surfaces. In this case, there is still the possibility of ash mixing, but you can obtain ashes that are mostly from your cat. Different cremation facilities may use slightly different terminology for their cremation options, so don’t be afraid to ask for specifics to ensure you get exactly what you want for your furry friend’s final act.

Witnessing your cat’s cremation may incur an additional fee, which typically ranges between $20 and $60. The remains of your cat will be returned to you in a box or tin. Most crematoriums also provide a selection of urns and memorials from which to choose if desired. You can also have your cat’s ashes made into a suncatcher or piece of jewelry to remember them by. The cost of traditional cremation and hydro-cremation are comparable.

Additional Cost to Cremate a Cat.

In addition to the cost of cremating a cat and storing the ashes in the UK and Ontario, there are additional services that can increase your final bill. Many crematories charge a fee to pick up your deceased pet from the vet or your home. There may be an additional fee if you want your pet’s cremains delivered to you after the cremation. Some pet crematories may charge a fee if you wish to witness the cremation. You’ll also have to pay for any urns you purchase from the facility, though most offer a basic urn box for free.

What Should You Do With Your Pet’s Ashes?

Many people consider their pets to be members of their family, and especially honoring them through a memorable memorial can be a wonderful way to say goodbye.

Pet Ashes Scattering Ceremony

Consider some of your favorite memories when deciding what to do with your cat’s ashes. Have you ever gone hiking or camping with your cat? If they enjoyed spending time outside, you can have an ashes scattering ceremony at their favorite spot. Before deciding what to do with pet ashes, check the laws and regulations of public land, as different areas may or may not allow it.


Make a Memorial Garden for Your Pet

If you don’t want to scatter your pet’s ashes in a public place, create a memorial garden in your yard. As a tribute, you can scatter your pet’s ashes or bury him or her and create a peaceful outdoor space. Create a personalized pet grave marker or plant flowers and a bench to provide you and your family with a place to sit and reminisce or grieve if necessary.

Personalize a Keepsake

After your pet’s ashes have been cremated, you can keep them in an urn or consider incorporating a portion of the ashes into memorial jewelry so that each member of your family can keep their beloved pet close to their heart. Choosing a unique urn for your pet’s ashes can also be a healing process.

Carry out a Water Burial

If your pet enjoyed being in the water, you could hold a ceremony from a boat or even a kayak out on the water. A water burial can be a peaceful and beautiful way to say goodbye to a beloved pet; if you use a biodegradable urn and follow your local regulations.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Cat UK?

In the UK, the basic cost of cremating a cat and storing the ashes is around £130. We emailed several pet crematoriums in the UK to get an accurate estimate of how much it costs to cremate a cat; but please keep in mind that prices will vary depending on the service and extras.

Identifying a Cat Crematorium

There are several options for finding a crematorium in your area. The majority of people do this by consulting with their pet’s veterinarian. You can also find directories online that provide information about crematoriums and other services by state.

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Contacting your local animal shelter is another option. They are also frequently confronted with this situation and may even perform the service themselves. Some facilities only cremate, while others include the above-mentioned memorials.


Putting your cat to sleep is never an easy task, especially if you haven’t planned ahead of time. When you are grieving, making these difficult decisions becomes infinitely more difficult. As a result, if possible, make the necessary arrangements ahead of time.

We hope you found our post on how much it does cost to cremate a cat and keep the ashes in the UK and Ontario useful. You can also leave how much it costs to cremate a cat in your state in the comments section.

If you are grieving the loss of a pet now or in the past, please accept our heartfelt condolences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest form of cremation?

Direct cremation
Cremation without a funeral (direct cremation)

This is the cheapest and most affordable cremation option, second only to whole-body donation, which includes cremation at no cost.

What does the Bible say about cremation?

Cremation is neither favored nor prohibited by the Bible. Nonetheless, many Christians believe that cremation renders their bodies ineligible for resurrection. Others, however, refute this argument, citing the fact that the body continues to decompose after burial.

How long does it take to cremate a body?

90-minute to 2-hour
The process usually takes 90 minutes to two hours, during which time the intense heat vaporizes and oxidizes a large portion of the body (especially the organs and other soft tissue). Contrary to popular belief, the cremated remains are not ashes in the traditional sense.

Is it OK to keep the ashes of a loved one at home?

Storing ashes at home is a wonderful way to remember and honor a loved one, but it makes it difficult for others to visit and remember them. Keeping ashes in a public place, regardless of the container, makes it easier for future generations to pay their respects.

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