20 Best Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

20 Best Cat Breeds That Don't Shed
20 Best Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

Many people who love cats like to make jokes about floof-covered yoga pants and spinning cat fur into yarn. All lint brushes are put to the test by a fluffy cat! It makes sense to be interested in learning about the best 20 small cat breeds that don’t shed, especially if you want to reduce hair storms or have cat allergies but still adore cats as pets. The top 20 small cat breeds that don’t shed will be covered in this article.

Do Hypoallergenic Cats Shed Little? Not quite.

If an animal-loving genie could grant us three wishes, one of them would be for cats that don’t shed or make allergies worse. A cat that sheds less must be hypoallergenic, right? Regrettably, no. The proteins Fel d-1 through Fel d-7, which are found in feline dander, saliva, and urine, cause allergic reactions in people. Cat saliva and dander, in particular, contain the most fel d-1 occurrences.

Low-shedding or hairless cats are not hypoallergenic because of this. They still shed dander, which is made up of tiny skin cells that float in the air when they groom and lick themselves, leaving saliva on their fur. As a matter of fact, certain people may be more sensitive to one type of cat than another, depending on the amount of feline d-1 protein present in that breed.

Cats with Little or No Hair who Don’t Shed

Lynn Paolillo, CFMG, CFCG, DTS, CCE, is Cat Naps Cattery’s owner, instructor of the National Cat Groomers Institute, and certified feline master groomer. Technically, she explains to Daily Paws, all cats’ fur sheds. This means that it has a life cycle that includes growing, resting, dying, and falling out. It depends on the cat, how much hair it visibly sheds when being petted, and how hairy your home and furniture become as to whether this shedding is obvious.

Managing Your Cat Allergies

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, avoiding cats is the best method to treat a cat allergy. However, if you find yourself unable to resist these cuddly and adorable animals (we understand), here are some things you can do to mitigate the negative consequences.

According to Vogel, over-the-counter decongestants like Claritin and Zyrtec, intranasal steroid sprays like Nasonex and Flonase, and other over-the-counter decongestants are all effective ways to manage cat allergies. Vogel advises speaking with an allergist to figure out what is best for you.

Pet owners should do the following to decrease the effects of allergies on themselves and others:

  • After caressing or playing with your cat, wash your hands.
  • To get rid of extra hair from clothing, use a lint roller.
  • To assist get rid of extra hair, vacuum and dust your home frequently. You might also want to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to catch and filter particularly small particles.
  • Regularly brush and bathe your cat to reduce loose hair and dander.

Best Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

If you have a cat allergy and also adore cats, there is good news for you: There are a few small cat breeds that don’t shed much and hairless cat breeds that can assist you with your runny nose and itchy eyes, or at the very least, save you money on lint rollers.

Whether you have allergies or simply don’t want cat fur to decorate your all-black clothing, one of these cats might be the ideal companion for you.

20 Best Cat Breeds that Don’t Shed

The top 20 small cat breeds that don’t shed are listed below:

#1. Sphynx

Due to a genetic abnormality, the Sphynx is a naturally hairless cat and a popular choice for people who want to minimize their cat allergies. Some Sphynx, according to Teresa Keiger of The Cat Fanciers’ Association, has a small amount of peach fuzz-like fur on their bodies. They will need some basic grooming, just like any hairless cat. As with people, all cats’ skin secretes oil, which can be removed by gently wiping their bodies, according to Keiger. She claims that these cats make excellent cuddle buddies.

#2. Cornish Rex

Despite having hair, the Cornish Rex cat sheds less than other small breeds, according to Keiger. Their short, curly fur is near the body and is curled. The Cornish Rex breed is also very playful, which makes them a great choice for people who want an active playmate for themselves or their other pets.

#3. Devon Rex

Another breed with curly hair and a short coat is the Devon Rex. According to Kieger, these cats adore attention and will form a close bond with their owner. If you have sensitive skin, you should talk to your doctor because all that love will make you have more hair, saliva, and allergens on your clothes.

#4. Burmese

Burmese cats are known for their small size and short, fine coat that naturally has less hair than other breeds of cats that don’t shed. The Cat Fanciers’ Association claims that cats have a great deal of affection for their owners and a desire to spend as much time with them as possible without becoming overbearing. Some Burmese even engage in fetch games with toys!

#5. Birman

The Cat Fanciers’ Association all-breed judge Hope Gonano says the breed is relatively low-shedding because of its non-matting coat, which requires little grooming. However, one look at this breed’s gorgeously fluffy coat may have you picturing hair covering every sticky surface in your home. Birmans are also naturally clever, kind, and affectionate. They react easily to instruction and can live in your home with kids and other animals.

#6. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthairs are frequently referred to as short-haired Persians. Gonano claims that while they need some combing to fully remove any dead hair, they shed very little due to their thick, dense coat. Exotic Shorthairs are a peaceful, laid-back breed that is affectionate and adapts well to both city life and rural living.

#7. Russian Blue

Gonano claims that Russian Blues, another minor shedder, shed during a two-to three-week period just once or twice a year and are simple to groom. They have a striking silver-blue double coat that is silky and dense. The Russian Blue, a medium-sized breed with a sleek, muscular body, has a kind temperament and is well-known for being simple to teach.

#8. Siamese

Gonano claims that Siamese cats have low-maintenance coats that may be taken care of simply by brushing with a fine-tooth comb. Once the dead hair has been removed, it won’t shed much. The Siamese comes in a seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point and has huge ears, distinctive blue eyes, and a sleek, slim frame. They enjoy socializing and chit-chatting with their owners.

#9. Oriental Shorthair

Gonano says that Oriental Shorthairs are also easy to care for because they come from the Siamese family. Oriental Shorthairs are similar to Siamese in length and shape, but they can be one of over 300 different colors and patterns, including black, white, bi-color, and tabby. These cats are friendly and funny, but they can become sensitive if they are ignored or left alone too often. They enjoy being the focus of attention.

#10. Donskoy

The International Cat Association says that this beautiful cat comes in four different coat types and many different colors. The majority of coat types, with the exception of one, are hairless, which makes the Donskoy a fantastic low-shed option. Some Donskoys have short peach fuzz or patchy fur that is pleasant to the touch. They are gregarious cats who take pleasure in the spotlight.

#11. Bengal

The striking Bengal cat is noted for its gorgeous coat, which will make you think of this cat’s wild ancestors thanks to its vibrant spots and leopard-like marbling. The same coat sheds very little and feels silky soft to the touch. The Cat Fancier’s Association describes Bengal cats as inquisitive, active, and loving. These playful cats are great for pet owners who want a fun and smart friend.

#12. Bombay

The Bombay cat resembles a small panther thanks to its silky black coat. The International Cat Association says that their short, tight coat sheds much less than other small cat breeds’ coats and is easy to care for. Their glossy fur should remain in prime condition with the occasional combing. “The Bombay” is an intelligent, enquiring, and gregarious friend. This sociable and laid-back cat can thrive in busy homes with a family to amuse them.

#13. Peterbald

Peterbalds can have a variety of coats, from short peach fuzz to slightly dense and velvety, but all variations are low-shedding, according to the International Cat Association. These cute cats’ big, bat-like ears give them a curious appearance. If you want a cat that won’t leave your side, the sociable breed of Peterbald is a terrific low-shedding choice. They are renowned for being extremely intelligent, loud, and incredibly affectionate.

#14. Ocicat

In comparison to other small cat breeds, the Ocicat’s lovely spotted coat requires less maintenance and sheds very little. According to Keiger, this breed’s coat is tight. The International Cat Association says that once a week, you should use a rubber brush to get rid of any dead hair. All Ocicats have a spotted pattern, which can be seen in a range of colors, including fawn, brown, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, and lilac. Ocicats are active, loving pets that do best in homes where their owners are busy and like to play with them often.

#15. Singapura

The Singapura, the smallest type of cat, is one of the breeds with the least amount of shedding, according to the International Cat Association. This cat’s small frame belies its charming nature. The short, velvety, brown coat of Singapuras, which is their only color, shed minimally to moderately at most and needs very little maintenance. This small cat is bright and interested, and it enjoys both playing and cuddling up next to its owner.

#16. Minskin

Sphynx and Munchkin breeds known as Minskins have scant coats with patches of dense, silky hair that are frequently found on their faces, ears, noses, legs, and tails. The International Cat Association claims that cats’ thin coats, which come in a variety of hues and patterns, shed very little. In general, minskins are gregarious and enjoy interacting with both people and animals. Despite having tiny legs, they are quite active and playful and can keep up with animals with long legs with ease.

#17. Korat

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, the silver-tipped blue fur of the Korat is composed of a single coat that lies close to the body. The Korat tends to shed less than other small cat breeds because of its short, tight coat. They have a soft, low-shedding coat, which will be appreciated by you because this adorable pet enjoys cuddling and will stay by your side. While being lively and intelligent, Korats also enjoy relaxing.

#18. Colorpoint Shorthair

Colorpoint Shorthairs are closely related to Siamese cats and have short, silky coats that require little maintenance and shed very little. Colorpoints are friendly and affectionate, which makes them a great choice for a cat that will follow you around the house. They are also very intelligent, and some even take pleasure in fetch-style games.

#19. Abyssinian

The short, dense fur of the Abyssinian breed doesn’t shed nearly as much as that of the other 20 cat breeds mentioned in this post. Your Abyssinian cat can wind up being your closest companion. These cats have a lot of energy and are constantly up for fun. They prefer to be close to their owners, therefore they will frequently be in the room you are in.

#20. Tonkinese

Tonkinese cats have short, silky coat that is soft, minimally sheared, and ideal for caressing. According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, they have 12 different coat colors and patterns. The Tonkinese is a great pet that will make its owners laugh with its playful antics. They are verbose, curious, and always delighted to have a friend.

No cat is hypoallergenic, but by selecting a low-shedding breed, those who love cats and have allergies to them may still be able to have one in their home. Of course, before obtaining a cat, think about how severe your allergies are and talk to your doctor.

Here’s hoping you’ll soon be able to cuddle with one of these top 20 small cat breeds that don’t shed! You’ll be appreciated by your sinuses and furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coolest cat to own?

Unique Cat Breeds

  •     Siberian Cats.
  •     British Short Hair Cats.
  •     Persian Cats.
  •     Norwegian Forest Cat.
  •     Russian Blue Cat Breed.
  •     Egyptian Mau.
  •     Sphynx.
  •     Savannah.

What is the easiest cat to take care of?

Low-Maintenance Cat Breeds

  • Sphynx.
  • British Shorthair.
  • Russian Blue.
  • Scottish Fold.
  • Maine Coon.

Can you get a cat that doesn't shed?

This makes cats like the Sphynx, Peterbald, or La Perm excellent choices for persons with allergies as well as those who wish to avoid having cat fur all over their clothes and furniture.

Which breed of cat is friendliest?

The Best 9 Cat Breeds for Friendship

  •  Ragdoll.
  •  Siamese.
  •  Maine coon.
  •  Sphynx.
  •  Abyssinian.
  •  Burmese.
  •  Scottish fold.
  •  Birman.

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